Acusticum organ

the Hyper Organ

In this concert, the University organ in Studio Acusticum becomes a part of a telematic interactive system. A series of different approaches for interacting with the sonic resources of this instrument, one of the largest organs in Northern Europe, are employed across a series of networked improvisations. Robert Ek will be the only performer physically present in the space, controlling the organ with gesture data from the bell of his clarinet. Scott Wilson and Mattias Petersson will be live-coding the organ from Birmingham and Stockholm. Stefan Östersjö and Federico Visi have recently started an ecological sound art project involving aeolian guitars and drones carrying speakers, in live audio interaction through audio corpus analysis. In this evening’s performance, they will use the same corpus of aeolian guitar recordings, now activated by the sound of electric guitars played live in Stockholm and Berlin.

The organ in Piteå will engage with the other instruments as an automated acoustic spectral synthesiser, enhancing and responding to the other sounds. While the sonic event of the automated organ performance, through telematic means, is unique to the particular features of the instrument in Studio Acusticum, the performance is also shaped by the agency of the network, such as the temporal component of experienced latency in each performer’s location.